New Feature: Project Admins

We just introduced a new feature that many of you have been waiting for. You can now assign admins to specific projects. A project admin will have most of the capabilities an account-level admin has within a project. They can:

  • Fully edit any issue within a project (not just ones they created, are testing or are fixing)
  • Bulk edit issues within a project
  • Move issues to another project they are administering
  • Create release builds
  • Update project settings, public issue settings, and integrations

Up until now, only account-level admins could perform these actions within a project. With this release, you can now grant admin privileges to any user for individual projects. This is great for projects managed by someone outside of your company.

How does it work?

Assigning admins to a project is easy. If you’re an account-level admin, just open the Edit People panel within a project. You can now choose No accessNormal user, or Admin next to each person within an account. You can also assign an entire company the same access level by choosing the options next to a company’s name. You can still modify individual people within that company afterwards.

Note: Account-level admins (and the account owner) are admins for all projects, so they’ll always have Admin selected.

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From the “Edit People” page, assign access levels to people within your account.

Alternatively, you can manage a person’s access to all projects in your account by editing their profile within the Companies & People section. Here, you’ll see a complete list of projects and that person’s access level within each project.

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From a person’s profile page, assign access levels to projects within your account.

What access level are people in existing projects given?

If you haven’t made any updates to the people in your project, all people with access to a project—who are not currently account-level admins—will have normal access. They have the exact same capabilities as they did before this update. Of course, now you can change that!

We think this will make managing issues and delegating responsibilities within your projects even better. As always, let us know what you think. Write to us directly on our support page or send us a message on Twitter.

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