Y u no use HipChat integration?

We’re ecstatic today. One of our favorite apps, HipChat, now integrates with DoneDone.

At We Are Mammoth, we’ve been using HipChat for nearly a year and I can’t imagine working without it. Our 20 person shop is spread across five states, with a few people working from home every day. HipChat keeps our team together.  At times, I don’t know whether the person I’m chatting with is upstairs or working at home. It makes remote working feel completely connected.

A lot of our day is spent resolving bugs in DoneDone. Sometimes, when issues need more back and forth, we resolve them with a face-to-face regroup or HipChat discussion. So — we thought — why not bring DoneDone into HipChat already?

So we did. You can now connect any DoneDone project to a HipChat room. You can even connect multiple DoneDone projects to a single HipChat room. Whenever anyone creates issues, updates issues, or sends out a release build, you’ll get notified in your HipChat room.

A HipChat message is posted each time you create an issue
A HipChat message is posted each time you create an issue

We paid particular attention to color as well.  Fixed issues are marked with a green background and those not confirmed as Fixed are marked with red.  For release builds, we used purple because, well, that’s the only other choice we had.

Green and red mark Fixed and Not Fixed issues
Green messages for fixed issues, red messages for the not-so-fixed
Your HipChat room will notify you when a release build has been made.
Your HipChat room will notify you when a release build has been made

Integrate your DoneDone project to a HipChat room in the next minute

If you’re an admin in DoneDone, simply go to a project homepage and select Integrations from the “Manage this Project” dropdown on the right. From the Integrations page, select the HipChat box. Finally, paste in your HipChat API key and DoneDone will pull in all the available rooms you can link up to your project. That’s it!  You can remove HipChat just as simply, by clicking the “Remove HipChat” button.

We've made HipChat integration a snap.
We’ve made HipChat integration a snap.

We think HipChat integration will work great for a number of reasons:

  • First, it provides a quick digest of what’s going on with your project, much like the Activities page does.  This is great for project managers who want to get a general sense of what’s going on in DoneDone without logging in.
  • Second, it creates another forum to discuss issues.  If you need the flexibility of huddling on issues as a larger group, or just want to get something solved quickly in real-time, HipChat is a great place to do it.
  • Finally, HipChat integration marks just another way to get issues out of your inbox.  You can disable email notifications in your Project Settings, and use HipChat to be alerted on updates.

We’re excited to see this launched and how it might change the way you work with DoneDone. Let us know how you’re using HipChat. Tweet us at @getdonedone, or email us directly.

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