DoneDone Tip: Basecamp or DoneDone?

A few customers have asked when the best time to start using DoneDone is during a project, and how it works best alongside Basecamp.

The best example I can think of is how we use it here at We Are Mammoth. After all, we built DoneDone for our team originally, then thought the rest of the world might be interested in a simpler way to get through the most stressful phase of a project.

Here at We Are Mammoth, Basecamp is used from day one of a project and kept around for as long as that site or application exists. We use it whenever group collaboration is necessary: Production-related messaging, sharing files, managing development calendars, server information, etc. It eliminates the bottlenecking of information and brings clarity to client projects where emails, meetings, and phone calls fall well short.

DoneDone, on the other hand, gets folded in about two-thirds of the way through a project, when testing begins. At this point, the team needs an explicit way of telling someone ‘something’ needs fixing, and an effective way of managing that something until it’s fixed. ToDo items, excel sheets, and email do nothing more than keep inventory of unfinished ‘somethings’. DoneDone helps the cause by cutting down on the herd mentality, making responsibilities more clear to each individual.

If you’re using Basecamp ToDo’s to manage your development team during testing instead of a real issue tracker, there’s a good chance at least one programmer would like to drag you along behind a herd of wild horses.

If ya have any more questions about how DoneDone might help you out, please leave a comment or email us at admin[at]

Have a good week everyone.

– The DoneDone team

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