DoneDone and the Heartbleed Bug

On Wednesday, a security vulnerability surrounding OpenSSL called “Heartbleed” was revealed. It’s a bug that most affected websites, web hosts, and software developers around the world remediated within hours. If you’d like to read more about Heartbleed, here’s a great overview, and here’s a site to see whether the sites you use for email, shopping, or work are still vulnerable.

Our initial checks on Wednesday showed DoneDone was not vulnerable to the bug at the time. Regardless, we’ve already taken the recommended precautionary steps to patch any possible vulnerabilities on our side.  We also highly recommend you update your DoneDone passwords to be extra safe. When you’re signed into DoneDone, simply click the Global Settings icon at the top, then click “View Profile”. You can then change your password on your profile page.

Thanks for your continued support!

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