Everything you need to know about DoneDone’s GDPR update

DoneDone and GDPR

The General Data Protection Legislation (GDPR) will come into effect on the 25th of May, 2018. Here’s what you need to know about how DoneDone processes customer data, and what we’re doing to ensure compliance.

What is GDPR and does it apply to me? Good question! GDPR, short for General Data Protection Regulation, is a new European data legislation that governs how companies around the world handle the personal data of EU citizens. If you’re not an EU citizen, the legislation doesn’t directly affect the way companies handle your data. However, we’ve made changes to DoneDone in order to protect everyone’s data to the standard of GDPR.

Here are some of DoneDone’s answers to GDPR questions.

Individual rights

DoneDone meets GDPR requirements for consensual data sharing

Whenever DoneDone collects personal data from its users, we ensure that we only collect data that is freely given. Whenever such data is collected, we explain clearly how the data will be used, stored, and secured. It’s our goal to share full detail in plain English so every DoneDone user understands the control they have over their personal information.

Whenever DoneDone asks you to submit personal data, you will be required to actively consent to the handling of your data. We never use your data based on inference or passive signals. You will be required to actively tick a box, click a link, or perform other actions that clearly state your approval for data processing.

What data does DoneDone collect?

DoneDone collects the data that you submit on our websites, such as name, email, phone number, and billing information if you’re an Account Owner. DoneDone does not ask for sensitive identification information like a national identification number or driver’s license.

How DoneDone uses your personal data

DoneDone uses the data that we collect in order to enhance the way you experience our service, including the following:

  • Sending you product updates and educational material
  • Providing you with the most relevant information based on your preferences
  • Providing easy communication whenever you have questions or support requests
  • Further developing DoneDone to meet your specific needs

How you can request a record of your personal data

All DoneDone users can request a record of their personal data by sending a request to the form listed on the support page of our website.

Updates to DoneDone

Many of you may be asking, “What changes will I see inside of DoneDone?” New and existing users will need to accept our Terms of Use once they register or sign in, but there will be no changes to the DoneDone experience after that.

Full Legal Documentation

The full updated terms of service can be accessed at this link at any time. We’re committed to making DoneDone the simplest issue tracking and project management experience possible. Please feel free to drop any questions or feedback in the form on our support page.

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