DoneDone is getting a facelift

Hey Folks,  we’re excited to announce that DoneDone is gettin’ an upgrade at the end of September. The new DoneDone will be quicker, sport a few new features, and offer a more traditional pricing model.

We’re targeting Friday, September 30th, 2011 for the transition. All DoneDone accounts will be automatically switched to the new version, and there is no action required on your behalf. We don’t anticipate being offline for very long, but we’re doing this on a weekend just in case things get weird.

Update: we’ve posted a Q&A regarding the transition to the new DoneDone

A free month of service.

Once we’ve made the transition, we’ll be giving every DoneDone customer a free month of service, regardless of your current usage. You’ll be able to work just as you always have and spend that extra cash on a new pair of neon sunglasses.

Next Steps.

Over the next couple of weeks, we’ll be posting communications in GetSatisfaction, here on our blog, and everywhere in between on Twitter @getdonedone. You’ll also be notified via email about your specific account’s new pricing.

If you’d like to get in contact, any of the following methods will work:

Now, here’s what will be better.


The next version of DoneDone will be significantly faster. The database is cleaner, the UI is quicker, and the servers have been upgraded.


DoneDone was built out of a need for a simple way to track issues on web projects. We built it for us, then decided other people would like it too. We were right. The original codebase of DoneDone, however, has proven difficult to extend.

In the future, though, it’ll be easier for us to make improvements to the application. If you’ve ever used the Tagging feature in the current DoneDone, hated it, and wondered why we don’t change it, this is why. Yes, there’s an upgraded tagging feature.

User Interface

We’re giving DoneDone a new look and feel which improves readability, efficiency, and performance. This redesign was driven by our goal to make DoneDone simpler and faster.

New Features

Over the past couple of years, we’ve been listening and taking notes. With the updates we’ve made, you can:

  • Sign in once to access multiple accounts.
  • View daily briefs and a more focused listing of active projects on the improved account dashboard.
  • Edit issues in bulk: Move issues between projects or change issue status – all from the project dashboard.
  • Search issues more intuitively: Create custom searches and put them to better use.
  • Tag issues more effectively. (And the crowds cheer!)
  • Assign a tester to an issue: This will no longer default to the user who created the issue.
  • Change account holders.
  • Customize communication: Opt-out of email updates or include others on issue updates.
  • Give project managers and developers a more streamlined experience.


Another problem we’re addressing is our pricing model. Lots of customers are confused by our pricing because it’s hard to tell how much they’re going to be charged month-to-month. We’ll be moving to a tiered-pricing model based on the number of active users in a DoneDone account. A large share of customers will not be affected by the move. Indeed, many will either pay less or qualify for our new, free account, and only a few will see their cost increase. We’ll be sending an email to every account owner letting them know how their pricing will be affected.

Update: more on pricing

Wrap up

We’re excited about this new version of DoneDone. It’s been a lot of hard work for us, and we think it’ll make a big productivity difference for all of you issue trackers out there.

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