The new DoneDone: 34 countries in 9 hours.

Well, today was the first full business day since the new DoneDone left the nest. Users in 34 countries signed in and got busy with little fanfare. Big sigh of relief. Here at We Are Mammoth, we’ve spent the day watching things. Watching traffic. Watching feedback. Watching errors. Watching performance. It’s been a productive day and has proven the build we put up on Saturday is  stable with few exceptions. Where there were issues, we’re addressing them and will be posting a build in a little bit.

As for feedback, we’ve been getting plenty of it from folks finding those little crevices of DoneDone which eluded our QA. Everyone’s been super cordial. If you’ve been in touch today, thanks very much for the well-written feedback, the prompt responses, and the fact that you’re not sending white-hot pitchforks at us via our inboxes.

 At first I was perplexed that everyone was giving such nicely written feedback. Then it dawned on me, “of course, everyone uses DoneDone and knows the value of well-written feedback when dealing with tired, hungry, and occasionally smelly programmers”.  It’s a good business to be in when everyone takes the time to communicate well.

What’s on tap?

Per the above, we’ll be getting a build up this evening after some good QA.  After that, and for most of this week, we’ll continue watching feedback and, of course, critical issues. We want to ensure everyone gets up and running before we head further on down the road.

After that, we’ll be finalizing our account pages and functionality. This, you may recall, is due out on October 15th. Finally, we’ve got a nice healthy list of performance enhancements, UX/UI improvements, and a few new features which didn’t make it out the door this weekend. Plenty to do. And as always, if you have thoughts or suggestions, send it our way. Here, on twitter (@getdonedone) or via support.

Thanks, and have a nice evening.

– Craig, and the DoneDone team.

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