Custom Addresses and Signatures for Public Issues

It’s been just over a month since we launched DoneDone Public Issues, and we’ve had several requests for two improvements: custom “from” addresses, and custom email signatures. Both of these features are now available on the Public Issues settings page for each of your projects.

You can set a custom address and signature in your project's Public Issue Settings.
You can set a custom address and signature in your project’s Public Issue Settings.

Custom From Email Addresses

By default, any replies you send to a customer are sent from But if you’d prefer to send emails from your own domain name (such as, you can simply enter your preferred email in the From Address field. Once you enter a custom email, you’ll also need to make a small change to your DNS configuration to prevent DoneDone emails from being flagged as spam. Click on the Setup an SPF record for your domain link as seen above, and follow the instructions.

Custom Email Signatures

Consistency is key when providing good customer support, so you can now specify a signature to automatically appear in the footer of each Public Issue email. Here you can add [First Name] and [Last Name] variables to automatically populate your support agents’ names, and add additional details like your company name, support email, and phone number. Plus, you can use Markdown for easy styling.

What’s Next?

What other improvements would you like to see in a future DoneDone update? Let us know on Twitter or send us an email.

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