2019, a look back…

2019, a look back…

It’s easy to think of a product like it’s a thing. I prefer to think of DoneDone as a living thing. Just like you and me, DoneDone isn’t the same “person” it was 10 years ago. Nor will it be 10 years from now. DoneDone is an adolescent replete with its own growing pains and dreams of the future.

As we come to the close of the year, and a decade of DoneDone, I’d like to share not only how we’ve grown in 2019, but how we dream of growing up in the years to come.

The year in review

What a year it’s been! Yes, I realize annual company recaps always start like this. But it’s especially true for us this past year. Here are the highlights:

We released our first new product edition in over seven years.

The refresh encompassed all areas of DoneDone:

  • New features frequently requested by our customers like customizable statuses and workflows
  • Pricing per user to ensure our customers only pay for what they use
  • Dozens of other improvements to our app and customer experience

We also added highly sought-after integrations like Zapier and Google Drive. Now, DoneDone plays even nicer with the other kids on the playground.

We’ve expanded our reach to other industries

Originally born with a narrow focus on bug tracking for digital agencies, we found homes in new and unexpected places. We wanted this edition of DoneDone to celebrate and better accommodate these audiences. While we’re dedicated to supporting our existing bug tracking audience, we’re excited to witness how DoneDone is impacting new industries.

In less than 6 months, we’ve seen the new DoneDone help simplify the lives of teams working in manufacturing, property management, realtor associations, wellness centers, and even agriculture. Yes, DoneDone is now out on the farm and we couldn’t be happier.

Our tiny company grew…a little bit.

This past fall, we welcomed an incredibly talented new team member, Alexa Hubley, from Vancouver, BC. She’s helping us better connect with our existing customers and introduce us to new audiences. You’ve probably already seen her contributions to our blog. You can expect to hear even more from her in 2020, listening and communicating in equal parts.

We couldn’t have achieved any of this without our steadfast partners from the other side of the Atlantic, Pixelmatters. They’ve helped completely re-envision the DoneDone experience while staying true to our core values. After our first full year of working together, we’re collaborating with increased speed and creativity. We look forward to continuing that trajectory and partnership in the year ahead. We even got to cross paths in real life!

My visit to Porto to meet our design and front-end development partners, PIxelmatters, in person.
My visit to Porto to meet our design and front-end development partners, Pixelmatters, in person.
Some of the Pixelmatters team with Ka Wai in San Francisco.
Some of the Pixelmatters team with Ka Wai in San Francisco.

A look ahead

Even before we released the new DoneDone to the world, we were already sketching out what we’d like to do next. With early feedback from our customers combined with our own vision of the future, we’ve charted out what the beginning of 2020 will look like.

The most common piece of customer feedback we’ve received is a better way to view work across an entire account. It shouldn’t matter what Project or Mailbox work belonged to. There should be an easier way to digest it all. We completely agree.

With that mission, we’re building the aptly named All: A single place to view all of your tasks and customer conversations. You’ll be able to quickly sort that work by its assignee, project or mailbox, due date and tags. This is a great way to manage the workload of your team and get a high level look at everything.

A sneak peek at the new “All” section coming soon.

We’ve also making a number of incremental experience improvements like better surfacing of due dates, making files easier to find, and streamlining the interface. With improved inline editing, you’ll be able to update your tasks and customer conversations more quickly. Here’s a couple of sneak peeks.

A sneak peek of our new project listing page.

But when will it all be ready?!

Very soon! We’ve already released a closed beta to a limited audience to gather some early feedback. Once we’ve had a chance to flush out a few kinks, we’ll release the beta to all interested customers in early spring. We’re itching to share this with all of you.

A sincere thank you

None of this would be possible without you, our customers. Your insightful feedback is what helps us evolve our app and improve our team. Your support is what keeps the engine running. We couldn’t have done any of it without you. Thank you and get ready for a lot of exciting updates in the new year! 🎉

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