2014 Year in Review


2014 has been a huge year for DoneDone. We’ve made some major updates and some minor fixes, added new features, and have added more new customers than ever before. We thought a brief 2014 retrospective was in order, so here’s a recap of what’s happened this year:

The Redesign

In March, we launched a visual redesign of the DoneDone interface, as well as a new look for our marketing site and blog.

Before & after: the Issue Detail view
Before & after: the Issue Detail view

The redesign established a fresher and more unified experience across the entire application. Plus, it gave us the opportunity to do a lot of behind-the-scenes code cleanup and reorganization.

Increases in Customers and Revenue

New signups increased from 2,030 in 2013 to 3,020 in 2014 – an increase of 149%! Plus, monthly recurring revenue has increased by a whopping 142%.

2014 New customer signups by month
New customer signups by month in 2014

API v2.0

In June, we added a robust new API for DoneDone following RESTful standards. While the previous API focused mainly on creating and updating issues, the new version provides methods for working with all your DoneDone data, including issues, projects, companies, people, and activity.

6 New Integrations


In October, we added integration with several popular chat and messaging applications: SlackGlip, and BigBoard. Plus, DoneDone integration was added to bugTrap, a mobile bug reporting app, and TestLodge, an online test case management tool. In addition, Beanstalk released a native integration to DoneDone in December. It’s never been easier to connect your issue tracker to the apps you use every day!

More Writing and Sharing


This year we tried a new approach to the DoneDone Blog – instead of writing mainly about the development of DoneDone, we wanted to write more about the issue tracking and software development industry as a whole. So, we began writing more about a wide range of topics: working as a remote employee, making your company remote-friendly, important test cases for developers, developers providing customer support, and even how Nintendo approaches the QA process.

The result has been fantastic – our readers seem to be enjoying the new topics, and we’re having a blast writing about topics that, at first glance, might not have much to do with DoneDone at all.

We also sponsored and presented at the 2014 QA Summit for Digital Marketing – a great event connecting QA professionals in many different industries.

One Million Issues and Counting

DoneDone usage keeps growing and growing – issue #1,000,000 was logged on October 15th!

Issues created and updated 2010-2014
Issues created and updated 2010-2014

Coming in 2015

Next year we plan to continue to improve DoneDone, with a focus on behind-the-scenes performance improvements. We’ll continue to add new features, but some of these may be as simple (and valuable) as making DoneDone even faster.

We’ll also be working to provide even better and faster customer support, and new ways to connect DoneDone to the services you already use.

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